Day 1 of 7

Dive In

Matthew 6:21

21For your heart will always be where your riches are.


Thank you for joining us!

You’ve been collecting hearts in the “Dive In” immersive experience and now we’re going to dive into the inspiring themes behind the video game. Come on in! The water’s great! :-)

When you played “Dive In” there were some words just before the countdown: “Get ready to discover your treasure.” Those words are based on something Jesus said way back. They're at the top of this page. Jesus made that profound link between our heart and our treasure. “Dive In” was designed to remind us of that link.

Your heart is the core of who you are. It’s your desires, your dreams, your hopes and fears, your motives and intentions, your essence. The stuff that captivates us is what we treasure. It impacts how we spend our time. It’s what we think about the most and can’t stop talking about. Let’s reflect on that for a few minutes.


What do you treasure? Ask your friends what they think you treasure. Do your answers match?

Thank you for discovering your treasure with us. Tomorrow we’re going to focus on the One who treasures you.