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Domestic Violence

PSALM 55:1-2

1 Hear my prayer, O God; don't turn away from my plea! 2 Listen to me and answer me; I am worn out by my worries.

PSALM 55:20-21A

20 My former companion attacked his friends; he broke his promises. 21 His words were smoother than cream, but there was hatred in his heart; his words were as soothing as oil, but they cut like sharp swords.

PRAY: God connect with me here, as I seek you in your Word.

READ: Psalm 55:1,2,20,21a

 By definition, domestic violence occurs in the very places and among the very people we should be able to look to for safety, to count on for protection and to find worthy of our trust. 

 God has a great deal to say about home, family and friendship. He has created them to nurture and encourage their members. Where there is hurt, whether in the form of physical or psychological abuse, and regardless of the cause, God calls for change.

 Scripture leaves no room for confusion or compromise; there is no acceptable excuse, no reason good enough for domestic violence. It must end, and with God’s help, it can.


Perhaps you are someone who inflicts pain on another. Perhaps you are someone who is a victim. Or perhaps you are someone who knows about or suspects domestic violence in a relationship. How should you be acting in response to this abuse that God clearly speaks against?


Be encouraged! See in God’s Word that every person-man, woman and child, is precious to him, that each is worthy of love, respect and care. Avail yourself of resources that will help put an end to domestic violence. Give the need for change the same value that God does.

Father, help me to embrace your truths in Scripture that speak of a person’s value and right for safety, protection and trust in his or her closest relationships.